Fab Village

The emergence of the maker movement and the rapid growth of Fab Lab have generated discussions and narratives about the future; how we live, how we play, and how we produce things. The Fab City initiative calls for the sustainable development of “locally productive and globally connected cities” to rebalance and redistribute the production of goods in order to create self sufficiency. We set out to ask the questions of Fab City in a different setting and reexamine the goal of “globally connected and locally productive” from the perspective of a rural village in China. The goal is to explore how Fab City initiative concepts can be applied to rural Chinese farming villages.

But how should Fab Lab approach transforming and developing agricultural economies? How can we bring these ideas to life? We have started to build the world’s first Open Source Village in Yangtou, a rural farming village in Fujian province. This meetup and discussion will focus on the topics of the open source village and intelligent infrastructure. Individuals can learn more about the Fab Village project and engage with others to brainstorm new potential projects for the Fab Village.