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Restart | David Li – E-Waste: an open source solution

In this final Open Stage talk of the session From Digital Transition to Ecological Resilience at Lift16, David Li reports back from his hometown Shenzhen, in China, where most of the world’s electronics ends up to be dismantled and “recycled” for its gold. Though, in this very place, a revolution is brewing from the bottom up.

The Atlantic | Shanzhai: China’s Collaborative Electronics-Design Ecosystem

Cyberspace, both as word and as vision, entered the popular lexicon through William Gibson’s 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. But as it turns out, Gibson wasn’t interested in the Internet until he started buying watches on Ebay. In a 1999 Wired article, he details his compulsive addiction to bidding for vintage mechanical watches—what Gibson calls “fine fossils of a predigital age.”

Interactions | Created in China

Hackerspaces are shared studios that bring together people committed to the free and open sharing of software and hardware, as well as ideas and knowledge. As of April 2012, there are more than 500 active hackerspaces in existence worldwide, making them a global phenomenon.