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Designed in Ethiopia

Design in Ethiopia | A national electronics and hardware design competition In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia, Shenzhen Open Innovation Labs (SZOIL), and iCog Labs Software Consultancy. Background  The first step in winning the future is to encourage innovation in Ethiopia. None of us can know where the spark […]

LSEV Bootcamp

Dear friends of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, We are happy to announce the opening of our new EVOIC (Electric Vehicles Open Innovation Center) in Shijiazhuang, Hebei and our first program there to bridge the global makers and entrepreneurs to the exciting open innovation ecosystem for LSEV (Low Speed Electric Vehicles). ↑↑↑Click and check out David […]

Fab Village

The emergence of the maker movement and the rapid growth of Fab Lab have generated discussions and narratives about the future; how we live, how we play, and how we produce things. The Fab City initiative calls for the sustainable development of “locally productive and globally connected cities” to rebalance and redistribute the production of […]

한국경제로고 | “80년대 용산전자상가式 혁신 생태계 되살려야” – 데이비드 리 中 선전오픈이노베이션랩 소장

한 스타(신생 벤처기)계 는 부97택~부98택년대 서울 용산전 상를 주 합니다.
데비드 리 중 선전오픈노 베션 장(사진)은 확일 기와 만나 당 용산전상에서는 전제품 간 교류 활 고 비 몰 새운 전 제품 쏟아졌다며 같 말 다. 선전오픈노베션은 중 선전의 제조 중심 스타 원 기관다.

PlayerFM | Shenzhen Special 3 – Vicky Xie at SZOIL

In this episode, I speak with Vicky Xie, who’s the global cooperation director of SZOIL (Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab). As well as running a fablab, they help foreign companies plug into the local supply chain, helping them understand how to work with factories, component manufacturers and designers in Shenzhen.

azo ko | How might partnering traditional craftsmanship with Fab Lab solutions improve lives in rural farm villages?

We were invited to join the British Council programme, Hello Shenzhen, to bring best practice of environmentally focused maker projects from around the world to support livelihoods in rural China. The Pearl River Delta has witnessed urbanisation at an unprecedented scale and speed. We examining how Shenzhen, it’s ‘manufacturing backbone’, can support rural life and vice versa – how local craftsmanship and cultural identity can be harnessed.

REUTERS | Shenzhen’s First Fab Lab-Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab Now Offers Fab Academy Courses

Report link: https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=20444   SZOIL is the first and only node in Shenzhen that offers Fab Academy courses. Shenzhen, China – November 8, 2017 — Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL), Shenzhen’s first Fab Lab SZOIL, embodies four functions including Fab Lab promotion and FabLab 2.0 research and develop, innovation and entrepreneur education courses, global maker service platform, […]

Makertour | ShenZhen Open Innovation Lab in China

MakerTour’s videos, expeditions towards fablabs & makers all over the world. On a mission to explore, share and connect the diversity of labs initiatives and practices!
This video relates the documentation of SZOIL, ShenZhen Open Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, China.